"My visit with Megan was hard to describe - she's a woman with special, intuitive gifts and she uses them in a way I didn't expect. Read up on cranio-sacral therapy. It does not involve massage or rubbing your head and messing up your hair. But, you will feel like a very different person when you leave. She can help you clean house for your soul!"        Dani

"Megan's office made me feel so comfortable. 

It is bright and clean.  Now that she's moved her office it is even better.  Honestly she could be a decorator, but she is such a great craniosacral therapist. "                            Janice, real estate agent

I saw Megan just a couple of weeks after I had a total hip replacement.  I asked my doctor about not only physical therapy, but also massage therapy.   He said that I did not need physical therapy but felt that massage would be good and suggested that for me.  He felt attention to the area of the surgery would help with the circulation and healing.  Megan did pay extra attention to that hip, the incision, and then to the other leg and hip when they were showing the signs of me compensating from having had the surgery.  My recovery was incredibly FAST thanks to Meg and her care and knowledge.  It was so fast that even my doctor and his staff commented.            Brian M  ~ real estate broker

Five star treatment and a five star office.  Megan's caring personality and intuitive touch far surpass any treatment I have ever had.  The office is on par, if not better than a resort.  I will see no one else.  Her energy work takes the place of my chiropractic treatments.
                                       Mike ~ civil engineer

     I used to be kept awake at night with stabbing pain in my lower back.  I found that when I would get a massage from Megan, I would sleep better for a few weeks. It was such a relief.  I was so happy to have found a massage therapist that could help me manage my pain.  Then one day Megan suggested we try some energy work in addition to the massage I was scheduled for.  If someone other than Megan would have suggested energy work to me, I would have turned and walked out.  I trust Megan and like her, so agreed.

     I did not feel much, except for when she was holding an area around my stomach.  Then it felt hot.  It felt like I was burning.  Megan felt it too and laughed and said it was my body releasing something.  That lasted a few minutes and didn't hurt.  It was just hot.  Other than the heat around my stomach, I simply felt relaxed.  Then I had a massage.  I left her office that day feeling so different.  I was so relaxed, so happy and so calm.  Since then my lower back pain has not returned

     When I ask Megan about what she did, she says nothing but support my body while it did what it wanted to do.  I asked her if she knew what that burning was?  She said she could make up something, but really she had no idea.  She did talk about how she had read and tended to go with the idea that our body sometimes in an attempt to protect us traps patterns of information, like a scab and then a scar when we cut ourselves.  She said maybe our bodies hold patterns of information, silly beliefs from our childhood or emotional scabs and scars and it traps those patterns in our tissues and even in our energetic field all while trying to protect us.  She believes that touch, like in massage or other body work supports the body and can help it shift and release stored patterns.

     I don't know what the burning was.  I felt it.  It was not uncomfortable, but it made me curious.  It was my body getting incredibly hot in just one specific area?

      Sometimes I see Meg for only energy work now.  Other times for massage.  Sometimes we laugh and talk the entire appointment.  Other times we are quiet.  Sometimes I cry.  It is all good.   I look forward to my time with Meg.  I always leave feeling better.

                                                           Lynn ~ neonatal nurse

     I would like to write words of awe and thanks to Megan McGee.  She does miracles for me.  At the situation when no doctors of official medicine could help me, she stepped in and helped.  She does energy work to help me to balance my body's energy flow.  Her knowledge, kindness, warm and caring personality make me feel that I am in truly healing hands.

      I have had headaches for over 20 years.  Chiropractors, pain pills, massage, anything else could not help.  It used to hit me every time the weather changed, or wind started, or whatever shift was happening in nature, I was struggling.  Megan was doing energy work for me since April, now is September, and since then I have not had any headaches at all!  She does miracles for my post-surgery tendonitis.  Sharp pains caused me to trip over rocks because I could not lift my leg high enough, nor could I sleep because of the pain.  Now I just returned from quite a challenging hike and was able to walk up and down on a very rocky trail.  No pain, great balance, my body feels like its 15 years younger.

     I would highly recommend Megan McGee to anyone who needs healing hands and spirit.  Thank you Megan for your talent.
                                        Lana Smith  ~ piano teacher


Massage & Body Work by Megan

"People are usually more convinced by reasons they discovered themselves than by those found by others."

      Blaise Pascal

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument


offered to military, neighbors, seniors, students and teachers

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Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

There are no words that can adequately describe my general growth in awareness precipitated by my work with Megan.  She has raised my "spiritual roof" like nobody before her and there have been many before her.  After working with her for over two years now, I find myself as truly alive as I've been in years and immeasurably happy. I attribute this to those doors Megan has opened for me that I have chosen to step through during our craniosacral work together .  She is a perfect balance of equal parts inspirer, encourager, reflecter, channeler, and ultimately, a healer who loves unconditionally and sees the brilliance in everything.  Her mind body talk therapy allows her the opportunity to address personal blocks and challenges for her clients by rewrapping them, looking at them through a broader healthier lens, releasing them on a cellular level, and providing space and loving intention toward ALL parts of our "selves."  Whether we realize it or not, every experience of our entire life is stored at a cellular level, some deeper than others.  As a result of this truth, in addition to our self imposed bias, we automatically respond and behave in certain ways when these experiences become triggered. Until we realize that this is happening and learn how to step back, love our "selves," and recognize what is stepping forward for us as impermanent and fleeting, yet providing reflection, we will be caught in old loops with thinking that no longer aligns with who we are. This alone can stand in the way of our happiness and optimal health.  My experiences with Megan have taught me this life lesson.  It is an invaluable and precious gift which I intend to keep making the most of ... I am more at peace and centered than I have ever been in some 49 years of life ... and I am becoming increasingly more successful managing and balancing the most difficult components of my job and home life. Trust me, you too are worth this kind of effort, so let Megan guide your way to a happier, healthier life that aligns with who you are at your source. There is much love for you here ... waiting to be recognized and experienced ... you are SO much more than you know! You need only make a phone call to book an appointment with this miraculously gifted intuitive, but be mindful that it will inevitably be a phone call that will profoundly change your life in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Love and light ...
                                               2nd/3rd Grade Teacher for 20 years

               Elementary School Principal for 8 years and counting

What a transformation cranio sacral therapy has facilitated in my life.  As a 57 year old post-menopausal woman, who formerly had a libido off the charts, intimacy with my husband had all but disappeared.  No shortage of love for this man, but my body and mind failed to 'rise to the occasion' so to speak!  Megan, a board certified massage therapist, specializing in CS work, came into my life at the perfect time.  My first session was surreal .....a natural high, yet with the serenity of a spiritual experience.  Immediately after the treatment, I laughed and informed Megan of my sensation and experiences.  Out of concern, she invited me to return a couple of days later for a follow up treatment and to be sure I was O.K.  That night, my husband and I engaged in a sexual experience reminiscent of our youth.  It was amazing.  Evidently, the CS work releases not only pent up emotions, but fluids as well.  Megan and I continued for a total of six sessions and my sex life has been relatively strong ever since.  My decision to experience CS initially was borne out of curiosity; I had no idea of the power of this

modality.                    Joanie W  ~ Yoga Teacher

Megan, I have had a lot of massage.  I have never experienced one like yours.  When you give a massage it is as if your hands are melting into my body and going exactly where they need to go.  Every time I get off the table I feel as if my tension has vanished.  The incorporation of hot stones with your intuitive touch is really, very unique and a special gift.  When you said you use hot stones, I didn't think I would like it, and now I am addicted.  Your office is beautiful and luxurious.  I still wish you would decorate mine. 
                                          Jeremy H ~ business owner

 My life has changed so much since I saw you.  I am thin again after 30 years and the envy of my sisters!  I am happy.  I am so happy to have moved away from Colorado Springs.  I don't think any of the above would have happened without you.  Thank you.  Your Mind & Body Talk Therapy Sessions have really helped.  I plan to make an appointment with you any time I am back in Monument.  How is your new office?
                                                     LOL Mary B  ~ former teacher

So Megan, have you learned words yet?  All I know is that with words or not, you need to keep doing what you do.  Here is the testimonial for your website:
    I first met Megan when she was giving free chair massages.  I sat down in the chair with my back to her.  She said hello and asked if I had any health conditions?  My answer was no.  She came round to the front of the chair and picked up my hands.  They were black and numb.  I had peripheral neuropathy.  I explained about my diabetes and how it was now affecting both my hands and feet.  Megan set my hands on the arm rest and went to work on my neck and back.  It was so light.  I didn't think much of the massage, but didn't want to say anything.  It was free.  Then my hands started to tingle.  Megan rubbed my neck for a few minutes more and when she was done my hands were pink for the first time in two years!  I couldn't say anything. 
   When my wife saw my hands, she walked right up to Megan and asked her what she had done?  Megan laughed and said she didn't know.  She said something about having to learn words, because all she knew was that she was a hockey mom who took a massage class and when she touched people, sometimes shit happened.  We all laughed. 
   Both my wife and I continued to see Megan at her office.  Only after my wife saw Megan twice, she decided we needed to move to Oregon.  Megan, I still think you had something to do with that!
   I don't care if you understand what is happening or if you have words for it.  You just need to touch people.  Good luck with your new office.
                                         Jim M ~ retired sales manager