"If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred."
Walt wHITMAN  

Mind & Body Talk Therapy

mind & body talk therapy

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument 80132

Massage & Body Work by Megan

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument


offered to military, neighbors, seniors, students and teachers
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Mind & Body Talk Therapy is an amazing modality allowing Megan to bring all her gifts to the table and facilitate your growth, healing and wellness.  It is a light touch body work combined with intuitively guided coaching.  You will lie fully clothed, face up on a treatment table.  The focus is to support you as you open windows to play with the unique and genius system of consciousness that you have created in this life.  It is always just that:  it is you that stands in the way of you living your best and healthiest life, and it is just that, that supports you when your life is amazingly brilliant and all is well.  You are it!  All of it!

With Mind & Body Talk Therapy, Megan is able to support your growth in ability to see yourself with loving curiosity.  She holds open a field where there is no judgment:  perhaps some seemingly harsh questions from time to time, but always much love.  These sessions support you as you begin to unravel and play with the tapestry of consciousness you have uniquely created in this life and that your body so brilliantly stores.  They support you as you step into the role as creator of your personal story of life.  

Often times in sessions, it is very apparent that the information Megan shares is channeled.  It may be a departed loved one, a pet that has died, or even random spirits.  Further details about some of these type of sessions can be found in Megan's Blogs.

Clients report leaving  these sessions knowing themselves better, often having touched on their true self and with tools to play with when they find themselves struggling with old habitual patterns of information.  Sessions are often full of epiphanal laughter, tears and more.  Megan has a gift of meeting each person where they are at, supporting a journey into themselves and leaving them at least one step, if not a dozen closer to their soulfully connected self.  Clients have returned from around the country to be on Megan's table for this type of session. 

Mind & Body Talk Therapy with Megan will leave you in a place where you know you have touched your soul and intrigued about how to live with that part of you in the command seat.