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Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

healing waters logo - by artist carmel walden

"I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples."
Mother Teresa


Massage & Body Work by Megan

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

Not long after my husband died, I was out wandering.  It was one of those days that grief was hanging heavilyy and I felt the need to get out and be amongst people.  There was a craft sale nearby.  It was a place to wander and be amongst people without having to really be there.  In addition, I could toy with that question of who I was without my husband?  What was I going to be?  I had always been talented and crafty.  I had painted.  I had done crafts.  I had studied art.  As I walked around the show, it dawned on me that I could probably do most any of the type of art I saw there if I put my mind to it.

As I wandered through the booths at the sale, I came across Carmel sitting amongst her images.  Her work intrigued me.  I wasn't sure why.  I decided to purchase a couple of her prints and took them home and hung them in my bedroom.  I thought that strange considering I wasn't sure why I was drawn to them.  They were not like anything I had ever purchased before or painted myself.   However, hanging them up in my bedroom, they took a room that had suddenly changed for me and helped make it mine.  That was enough. 

Each day, I woke up and saw those images.  They held all the darkness, the shadows, the color and the brilliance of my life,  past and present.  Carmel's images could honor the old me, the grieving me, and also a new me!  Her images helped me tune into perspectives I had learned to ignore.  I grew to like those first images more.  They still hang in my bedroom and their meaning and significance continues to deepen.  Carmel's images are healing for me.

As I began to play with opening a "'healing" practice, I thought to ask Carmel to design a painting for me that I could use as a logo.  My desire was for it to serve as incentive for me and support me; much like the prints of hers that hung in my bedroom.  Carmel called to interview me and then emailed me with more questions.  She asked about my business endeavor, about my interest in healing, and much more.  Our exchanges were complete.  I felt that. 

A couple of weeks later she emailed me this image. When I first opened it, I was taken back.  My vision of an image for my healing practice was much different.  Some how I had envisioned something much more calm and simple.  What I had seen in my mind's eye was much less vibrant.  It was peaceful.

Yet, I was intrigued by this image.  It was so vibrant and so busy.  That concerned me a little, though.  I was aiming for calm, serene, and simple.  I took a night to sleep on it. 

Early the next morning, I was out walking.  I was walking toward the rising sun.  The sky was a vibrant red, laced with waves of orange and gold.  As I took in the sunrise, Carmel's painting flashed through my mind.  It was then that I noticed, that even though I was walking in to the rising sun, my shadow was in front of me.  Wow! 

Not only did I notice that, but I played with it.  I turned and watched my shadow turn with me.  I laughed out loud.  When I turned to see what might be behind me that was casting my shadow I could see nothing.  More laughter came.  The incredible journey of the past two years of my life, of my stepping into a healing practice, was all just racing through my mind, and it was not calm.  I knew right then that this image, just as Carmel had painted it, was perfect.  It was me!

It tells of who I have been, who I am, and who I have yet to become.  It is me. I love it!

Thank you so much Carmel!

LOL & Love ...