Massage therapy and various forms of body work have been around for thousands of years and in every culture around the world.  Touch is an instinctive human reaction to pain: when you bump yourself or get injured, your natural inclination is to touch it.  It has been scientifically proven that touch promotes healing and lessens pain.  Healers, through the ages and the world over, have "instinctually" developed a variety of systems of therapeutic touch to assist others.   Massage and body work have been and continue to be promoted and studied by the medical and scientific community.  Check out the links on this page to begin exploring studies that support the power and benefit of touch in healing and supporting your health and wellness.

As we embrace technological advances, our lives grow ever more impersonal and human contact and simple things like taking time to visit, let alone to touch, get lost.  In business, in education, and sadly, even in the field of medicine this is often the case.

Massage and body work offer a non-invasive and humanistic way to help offset this impersonal, touch deprived age we are stepping in to.  Body work is the perfect potion for good health.  It reminds us what it is to relax.  It stimulates our physical body and triggers its own innate healing capacity to kick in.  It allows for that unwinding where all that emotional, psychological and physical energy can begin to meld and you can begin to settle, to breathe, and to just be.  Once a client has grown comfortable with touch and feels safe in the office space, it is amazing to witness the change, the unwinding, and the epiphanies that are realized during a session.  It is those moments that I find difficult to capture in words, and it is those moments where I am privy to the benefits of touch.  Body work and massage do more than just relax your body and mind.  There are specific physiological and psychological changes that occur.  The benefits are many, ranging from treating chronic diseases and injuries to offsetting the imploding stress of our modern lifestyle.  They include but are not limited to:
     -   decreases anxiety
     -   enhances sleep quality
     -   helps combat depression
     -   improves concentration and awareness
     -   reduces fatigue
     -   increases circulation
     -   provides allergy relief
     -   improves organ function
     -   improves vitality and energy
     -   stimulates the flow of lymph, thus facilitating the body's natural defense against any invaders
     -   improves the condition of the body's largest organ, the skin
     -   relaxes and softens overused muscles
     -   reduces cramping and spasms
     -   increases joint flexibility
     -   reduces recovery time for athletes
     -   improves range of motion
     -   decreases discomfort of low back pain
     -   helps provide movement of atrophied muscles
     -   assists expectant mothers:  shorter labor, less need for medication, less anxiety, less depression, shorter hospital stays
     -   releases endorphins, helps with pain reduction
     -   helps with recovery from surgery
     -   helps reduce post-surgery adhesions and edema
     -   helps reduce scar tissue and realign tissue even after healing has occurred
     -   relieves migraine pain
     -   is being incorporated into cancer treatments
     -   aids with stress relief
     -   infant massage improves weight gain, development, helps improve motor behavior, decreases stress behavior, increases alertness, and

         contributes to less crying

Benefits of Massage


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Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

 Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument 80132

Massage & Body Work by Megan

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed

 only when we touch them with compassion."


Massage and body work is not only relaxing,
it can cure what ails you.
Experts estimate that 80 to 90 percent
of disease is stress related.
Massage and body work, including craniosacral therapy
helps alleviate stress and in doing so, triggers the body's
own innate capacity to combat disease.
Be well!
Life is to be easy and fun.  When not we live with 'dis' ease.
Choose to add body work & massage to your wellness routine.

For more on the benefits of massage and body work, check out these links:
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