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Massage & Body Work by Megan

"there is only one way to live your life.

one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle."

albert einstein

Massage & Body Work by Megan in Monument 80132

body work helps you live your best life

Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument


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Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

Your Body is the Garden of Your Soul

You came into this world with a life force energy that supports every cell throughout your entire body.  Your body is divinely designed to innately keep you alive and healthy.  Picture your body as the ultimate machine, the fastest processor, a limitless warehouse, and so much more.  You may even go so far as to picture your body as the garden of your soul during this gift called life. 

Body work, whether it is craniosacral therapy, therapeutic hot stone massage, integrative energy work, Matrix Energetics, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage or Mind & Body Talk Therapy, helps you step into being your own gardener.  By establishing a routine of nurturing your body with a relaxing massage, or exploring areas of restriction while a trained therapist facilitates, you are putting on those garden gloves and stepping into work boots.  Body work supports you as you grow adept and comfortable in choosing how your garden will grow. 

A skilled integrative bodywork therapist will support you as you decide where to dig, what to turn over, what to prune, what to weed, what to plant and too, what and how to fertilize.  You decide what your garden will look like.  Body work can facilitate your garden growing.  Body work can facilitate you living your best life.

When life is going well, your body will take care of you just fine:  emotions come and go, injuries heal, traumas tame.  Your body has a way of supporting you with each.  If you fall and scrape your knee, the physical body swings into action to first isolate the injury, flush out the wound and then begins to heal the injury.  The human body is perfection, just the way it is.  Your body is doing exactly what it has needed to do, and does need to do to keep you alive and well. 

Then why body work and massage therapy?

Even though your body is doing just what it is designed to do, life has a way of throwing mud pies.  In its strive to protect you, your body has swung into action and has isolated patterns of information and sometimes, in that cycle of protection and healing that the physical body innately steps into, blockages have and do occur.  These blockages might appear as physical limitations such as shoulder pain, lower back pain, tight muscles, sore muscles, muscle spasms, chronic muscle tension, shooting pain, a feeling of just being stuck, headaches, depression, disease, or any variety of symptoms.  Body work and massage therapy help you tune in to these patterns of isolation and facilitate and support your physical body's innate ability to release and self-heal.  My practice is designed to help you begin to trust in you and support you as you grow in your capacity to be the gardener of your soul and step into your best life.

About Us

Yes!  Body work and therapeutic massage can help you step into your life's potential.  Body work and massage therapy can help you achieve and maintain an integrated sense of being whole, help you heal from an injury, tend to sore muscles, alleviate or manage the symptoms of a disease, aid with recovery from an illness or surgery with greater ease and speed and so much more.  Regular body work should be part of your preventative care and wellness routine.  If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads, body work should be a part of your gardening plan.

The healing power of touch is now being documented in numerous medical and scientific studies, and it is the opinion of most, that it should be high on the priority list of any wellness routine.  These suggestions make sense even when you just consider the incredible pace of our technologically driven society.  Body work and therapeutic massage therapy will help you slow down, it will give you a moment to breathe and, allow your muscles to achieve a level of relaxation that will support release.  A commitment to your garden will move you towards optimum health and wellness.  Body work and massage therapy will help you live your best life.

If you are looking to add body work and massage therapy to your wellness routine, please consider me.  I am an associated bodywork professional, a nationally certified massage therapist and, a craniosacral therapist.  I continue to take classes and study and grow.  With the aid of a highly intuitive touch, I bring an integrated bodywork style to the table and a session with me is far from any generic body work of massage experience.

In addition to hour long Mind & Body Talk Therapy sessions, hour long Craniosacral Therapy sessions and 75 Minute or 90 Minute Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage sessions, I offer combinations.  Onsite chair massage can also be booked by your office for the benefit, relaxation, and increased productivity of you and your employees.  I also offer various workshops throughout the year.  Please feel free to explore my website for any further details, or please call 719-963-7013 with any questions.

All body work therapies and workshops that I offer are designed to support you and your journey towards optimum wellness.  My practice is designed to facilitate you becoming the gardener of your soul.  Why?  When you are well and living your best life, you are in a position to share your unique gifts with the world.  When you do that, not only does your garden grow, the world grows.  How cool is that!  I love having the opportunity to support you doing that.  Thank you!
Thank you!   Be well!   Get gardening ...
LOL & Love ...


Massage & Body Work By Megan in Monument

Never did I see myself doing massage or body work.  While starting on my own path towards wellness I was prompted to ask just how powerful the mind-body connection really is?    Wow!
Simply asking that question with a degree of genuine curiosity was enough to swing open doors to incredible information and to seemingly unbelievable experiences. It did not take long to realize that we are so much more than we know and the mind-body connection is just one small part of the brilliant expanse each one of us is.  Not too far along into my own process I realized I was probably supposed to be working with people in some type of healing capacity all along.   Now I can't envision doing anything but helping people choose to feel better and help provide them tools to do just that.   It is such an honor.
The human body is so incredibly fascinating to me.  What an amazing creation.  That our body has this innate ability to act in our best interest is both intriguing and remarkable.  I am continuously amazed that touch, even very light, can be such a powerful tool to facilitate change in another.   There is a state of grace that we step into when we touch another.  We have all been there.  Many of you have probably even noticed it.  It is that quiet calmness that envelops you when you hug a dear friend to give them comfort and their tears let go.  It is that same delightful satisfaction that comes when you take the time to sit and hold the hand of an elderly person and look them directly in the eye as they share a piece of wisdom with you.  It is also that amazing sense of pure delight that engulfs a room when a child lets laughter roll from their very core when you tickle them in play.  Compassion and living from our heart comes naturally. I suspect it is what we are meant to do.

I am finding our stories get in the way of us doing that.  It is as if our bodies, sometimes from very young, have been graciously holding and isolating chapters of our stories: categorizing and storing patterns of information.  Sometimes these collections of information operate amazingly well, and other times not.  All of us have stored information.  Some of it may be due to accidents, injury, or trauma.  Other of it may simply be something that got left behind as we stepped into what we chose to be to move forward with a degree of success.  With our unique genius, each of us with our amazing body has  isolated patterns of information that often times are organized so brilliantly that we don't have to pay attention and eventually they operate habitually and with us completely unaware.  Taking time to breathe, to facilitate your body's ability to slow down and relax creates a window for you to get to know the genius that is you.  This growth in awareness allows you to consciously choose what you operate with now.   When you learn to live in the present moment, aware and choosing, you are not only happier, but healthier and able to play the game of life full throttle and own your potential.   Body work helps access the information and facilitate growth in awareness and helps the tissues of your body recalibrate and release.  

It is my ambition to learn and share as much as I can to help others do just that: access the stored stories and witness them go full circle.  Some stories need to be told, others not.  Often times a story can be rewritten.  Some stories are scary.  Others are funny.  Sometimes, a story may not have words and the body can just let it unwind and let it go.  No matter how it shows up, it is okay.  Your body has done just what it was designed to do.  Just as it was acting in your best interest when it stored the story, it can with support and body work, re-file, rewrite, or throw out old stories.  That is not up to me to decide.  Your body decides.  Trust that.  I trust that as I touch your body.  I follow its lead, while following your lead and always from the center of my heart.

Some of you may be looking for more here: for more of my story.  I would encourage you to not be so tied to any story, but rather be tied to your heart, even as you decide whether to come to see me or not.  I will offer this ... I am a mom: a mom of an Air Force Academy Graduate.  I was a hockey mom.  I was a wife and best friend to one man for 30 years and am now a widow.  I am a dog lover.  I have traveled and lived around the world.  I am creative and have toyed with many outlets for that fire but never settled on one.  I am the youngest of a large group of siblings.  My parents are deceased.  I know grief.  I have been a fighter in more ways than one.  I know disease.  I am familiar with healing.  I find humor in most all things.  Some people say I have a gift.  I believe we each have access to so much more than we can even begin to imagine.  I play there.  My passion is to help people step into their bodies, access their soul, live a life with abundance and joy, and in optimum health.  My own process has taught me that everything in life is indeed a gift and a reflection.  As you step into my life, I know without a doubt, you are a gift and a reflection.  Thank you!  As you heal and grow, so too do I, and for that I am so grateful.   What might it be for each of us to trust in the force of love we each are in this life?  What would it be to trust that and to do what we love with nothing BUT love?  Might we be happy and well?  If you are looking for balance in your life, relief from drama, pain or trauma, relaxation, or to just play with what of you might be in your way, and reading what I have shared here, and finding it intriguing, you may want to call.  

Thank you for considering me as you embrace your wellness.   LOL & Love...

Modalities studied: Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Phenomenal Touch, Swedish Massage, Healing Touch, Heart Centered Therapy, Innergetics, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Zero Point Balancing, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Craniosacral Therapy.  I am working on a course of study and registration in hypnotherapy and completing work to become a certified life coach.  I am also looking into medium courses, only because spirits shows up often as I play with people.   

Megan C McGee  RMT  CST

Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage - NCBTMB
Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics
Craniosacral Therapist
Mind & Body Talk Therapist
Hot Stone Practitioner
Member IAHP  (International Alliance of Healthcare Providers)
Member AMTA  (American Massage Therapy Association)